A good product is one that does what it is designed to do. Showerdome does exactly that. Check out some of our testimonials.

“I had a Showerdome installed recently and am very happy with the results. It is much warmer with less draughts and with the steam being confined to the shower, I don’t need to repaint the ceiling as often!

Karen from Eltham

“I recently had a Showerdome fitted in my 60s brick veneer home and it has made the world of difference to the mirror, walls and the heat in the shower, no more steam, its great!!”

Linda from Altona

“It is the best thing in the house, as there are 2 women who cannot paint. There is no mould or damp places and we do not need to clean the shower the Showerdome does it for us!”

Maureen from Cranbourne

“Thank you very much for supplying and fitting our showerdome. We live in a block of flats built in the late 60’s and steam in the bathroom was a big problem resulting in water running down the walls and consequently creating mould. We tried various expensive methods to try to remedy the problem with little effect until you fitted the showerdome. We are so grateful as the whole problem has been rectified.”

Barb and Ron Smith

“The shower is warmer and the bathroom no longer gets all steamed up. It’s great not to have to turn on the fan or open the window and let all the heat out of the house on cold days too.”

Jill from Brighton East

“We have recently installed a Showerdome over a shower stall in our guest bathroom, which had a moisture problem from shower steaming up the room. The results are excellent and the Showerdome has met all the advertised features of the product. We highly recommend its use for such applications.”

Henry from St. Kilda

“Just a quick note to say thank you for installing a Showerdome at my son’s house in Mill Park during our recent visit to Melbourne. They are absolutely thrilled with it, with no steam on the mirror at all. The thing that impressed me was how the shower box stayed so warm for so long after showering! As the family sceptic I was truly impressed with how it did it’s job and I will certainly be having one installed in our own shower as soon as possible. Should you ever have need to use me as a reference please feel free.”

Mike and Zina from Mill Park

You can save water by turning the tap off to soap up as the shower cubicle remains warm and because of the warmth, the water pressure can also be turned down. You spend less time in the shower and there’s no need to use fans or heaters. A great saving on water and power and the shower is just brilliant!

Bronwyn from Lockwood

I no longer use the fan and don’t have to worry about steam on the mirror. Hardly notice it in the bathroom. I’m extremely happy with my Showerdome.

Kevin from Kangaroo Flat

The shower stays cleaner than it ever did before and only needs a good clean once a month. It doesn’t take long to warm up in the shower and you feel warmer when you step out. I would definitely recommend it to everyone. Very happy with the product.

Beatrice from Kangaroo Flat

I can have a quick wash, turn off the tap and shave my legs in the warmth, then resume my shower, saving a great deal of water in the process. Love it!

Sarah from Lockwood South

I have a medical condition and I struggle with warming up. The Showerdome has helped me a great deal improving the quality of my life. I am grateful and thankful that this wonderful product was developed.

Valda from Raywood