Our story

The Showerdome® shower top was invented by Ken Evans, an engineer living in Tauranga, New Zealand. He was at home watching rugby one night and at half-time put the kettle on to make a cup of tea. He had a glass kettle and noticed the steam only formed a cloud when it met the colder air in his kitchen. The steam inside the kettle remained absolutely clear.
Ken had been battling condensation in his bathroom for years. He immediately put a piece of plywood over the top of his shower and left it running during the second half of the game. When he returned, his bathroom was completely moisture free and his shower was crystal clear.

After years of careful research, testing and development, Showerdome® was patented and is now sold around the world.


Lifetime Guarantee

Every Showerdome shower top comes with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE to stay crystal clear.

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Proudly made in Australasia.
To ensure the highest standard of quality control, we manufacture every Showerdome® shower top at our own facilities, and export to our international distributors from there.

Our people

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Ross Van Horn
National Manager NZ
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