Installation options

Showerdome® shower top is able to be self-installed by a competent handyman.

If you’re experienced with this kind of DIY and you’ve got the right tools, the process can be relatively straightforward.

We provide full instructions with each Showerdome® shower top.

If you are in Melbourne metro, we offer an installation service, which allows you complete peace of mind.

For areas outside of Melbourne metro, we recommend contacting your local handyman or builder if you don’t feel confident attempting the install yourself.

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Video installation guide

See how it’s done by our certified installers, from cutting the wall rails to size and fixing them in place, to measuring and trimming the Showerdome® shower top and securing it to your shower.

Printable instructions

Planning to install a Showerdome® shower top yourself? Then download our step-by-step DIY guide. You’ll find all the detail you need in a format you can easily use on the job. Just remember the old rule of thumb – measure twice, cut once.

Download PDF
printable instructions

Will it fit my shower?

There are 13 different Showerdome® designs providing a range of shapes and sizes. Each design is trimmed during installation to create a perfect fit. You can install a Showerdome® shower top yourself, or contact your local builder or handyman for peace of mind.