How it works

A Showerdome® shower top puts a lid on your shower to stop steam and warm moist air getting out. It also prevents cold air getting into your shower, so steam clouds don’t form inside. It’s that simple.

Warmer, safer, more economical.

With a Showerdome® shower top, your bathroom remains dry, safe and clear while you stay warm and cosy inside your shower. You’ll enjoy mist-free mirrors, prevent mould and extend the life of your paint and bathroom features. And because your shower feels warmer, you can run the water at a lower temperature and save on energy costs.

There’s nothing you have to remember to turn on, no running costs and no moving parts to wear out.

Showerdome Video

The science of steam

Even though your shower water is nowhere near the boiling point of 100°C, some of the water molecules have enough energy to break free and become invisible water gas molecules. In other words, steam. They’re incredibly light, so easily stay suspended in the warm air. If the invisible steam meets colder air and cools down, the molecules start to join together to make tiny droplets of liquid water. These droplets make up the visible clouds that you see in your bathroom. When the steam cools further or comes into contact with cold surfaces, the water droplets join together in bigger groups, fogging up mirrors and making surfaces and fabrics wet.

Showerdome® shower top provides a barrier that stops shower steam escaping into your bathroom in the first place. And because it also prevents cold air getting in, the steam in your shower stays warm, invisible and clear.

Will it fit my shower?

There are 13 different Showerdome® shower top designs providing a range of shapes and sizes. Each design is trimmed during installation to create a perfect fit. You can install a Showerdome® shower top yourself or opt to have it installed by your local handyman or builder.