Measuring Guide

How to measure your shower for Showerdome

Showerdome® shower tops are available in a range of shapes and sizes to suit most new and existing showers.

Each model is designed to be trimmed during installation to precisely fit your shower.

The guide below shows how to measure the dimensions for ordering. If you’re using one of our certified installers, they’ll check you’ve selected the most appropriate model before beginning installation.

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Measuring your shower

Note the shape of your shower, then follow these easy steps to measure as accurately as possible. It will help us to provide the right model for your shower.
  • measure shower square
  • measure shower triangle
  • measure shower curved

How to provide accurate measurements

  1. Stand inside your shower.
  2. Place your tape measure in the middle back corner, where side A meets side B.
  3. Measure side A from the corner to the inside of frame (if there is one).
  4. Repeat for side B.
Frequently Asked Questions

There are 14 shapes and sizes of Showerdome® shower top to fit most square, triangular, round front or rectangular showers.

All Showerdomes are manufactured on blanks that are bigger than required, and are trimmed onsite to fit your shower exactly, by whoever is doing your installation.

Some installations will be more difficult due to the shower design and we strongly recommend that in these instances you use a trained installer.

In order to provide accurate measurements – follow these easy steps:-

• Stand INSIDE the shower cubicle
• Place your tape measure in the middle back corner (where the 2 walls meet)
• Measure from the corner to the inside of the framework on each side
• Ensure you advise the shower shape (square, triangle, curved)

showerdome rectangle rcl
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