The benefits of Showerdome®

In the famous words of Sinead O’Connor – “Nothing Compares”...

Aussie's love Showerdome!

testimonial thumb danella
"My husband is a big Showerdome fan and was adamant it would solve our bathroom moisture problems. I wasn't 100% convinced, but since installing a Showerdome we haven't had to use the extrator fan at all and I also really enjoy that it's now very warm in the shower - like actually enjoyable! "
testimonial thumb marie simon
"With 5 kids and 3 bathrooms, we felt like we were constantly spending money keeping the bathroom dry & healthy - extractor fans, cleaning products - you name it. After installing a Showerdome, there were no more wet walls or mouldy ceilings - the bathrom is so nice and dry. Kiwi made - it does the job. Put it in, problems over!"
testimonial thumb destry
"I had wet walls in my bathroom all the time, so I installed a Showerdome. Seriously, it’s so good - my bathroom is so nice and dry now. It was really easy to book a time - they were in and out within an hour, easy as. You have to get a Showerdome!"
preview testimonial thumb terry  x
"Our bathroom wasn’t ventilated, so you just knew if you left after a shower without wiping down, it was going to get mouldy. So we installed a Showerdome! Now I can see while shaving and don't have to worry about bathroom mould any more! Showerdome was an easy fix."
preview testimonial thumb nick alison x
"We fitted a Showerdome to solve two problems - mould on the walls & roof, and condensation on the mirror. With Showerdome your mirror is condensation-free, and there has been no mould since. Definitely fit a Showerdome!"
preview testimonial thumb kimberly x
"We got a Showerdome to keep our new house nice and dry, as I’ve got asthma and our little dog suffers from breathing problems. Now no steam escapes the shower, we’re condensation free and I’m certainly not suffering as much with asthma."
"I recently had a Showerdome fitted in my 60s brick veneer home and it has made the world of difference to the mirror, walls and the heat in the shower, no more steam, its great!!"
"The shower is warmer and the bathroom no longer gets all steamed up. It’s great not to have to turn on the fan or open the window and let all the heat out of the house on cold days too!"
"I had a Showerdome installed recently and am very happy with the results. It is much warmer with less draughts and with the steam being confined to the shower, I don’t need to repaint the ceiling as often!"