Compare Showerdome® vs Extractor Fans

For decades we’ve believed we need to extract steam from our bathroom in order to protect paintwork and keep our homes warmer, drier and healthier.
With a Showerdome® shower top, you prevent steam from forming in the first place. Simply put, if you don’t make steam, you don’t need to extract it!

Extractor fan
One-off expense with no running costs
Able to be installed as DIY
No human intervention required
Recommended Retail Price
Initial purchase price + monthly running costs
Lifetime Guarantee
Varies between brands
Crystal Clear web blue

Lifetime Guarantee

Every Showerdome shower top comes with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE to stay crystal clear.

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Showerdome® shower top

Available in 14 different shapes & sizes to suit most showers, Showerdome® is a clear acrylic dome that simply fits to your existing shower cubicle, and prevents steam from forming. You won't notice your Showerdome® - but we guarantee you'll notice the difference!

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Extractor fan

Installing an extractor fan can be a costly and unsightly solution to bathroom steam. Once installed, it must be physically switched on in order to be of any use, and the audible whirring and on-going running costs just add to the list of negatives.

The benefits of Showerdome®

In the famous words of Sinead O’Connor – “Nothing Compares”...

The original Showerdome® shower top

Showerdome® shower tops are the market leader. With over 100,000 satisfied customers in Australasia, Showerdome® is the superior option when it comes to eliminating bathroom steam.

Crystal clear. Guaranteed.

Made from high grade acrylic, your Showerdome® shower top is guaranteed to remain crystal clear for life. You won’t notice your Showerdome®, but you will notice the difference!