Customer story – Destry

I had wet walls in my bathroom all the time, so I installed a Showerdome. Seriously, it’s so good - my bathroom is so nice and dry now. They were really helpful and the service was quick and easy. It was really easy to book a time and he was in and out within an hour, easy as. You have to get a Showerdome!

Video transcript: So I had wet walls all the time in my shower. When I found out about Showerdome, I thought it was an amazing idea so I got it. And then I had another bathroom and renovated it into my house and then I got a Showerdome as soon as it was finished. Seriously it’s so good.

Height was a concern, I’ve got a guy who’s 6 foot 3, maybe 6 foot 4, he’s a co-pilot that lives with me. He says that he might’ve had issues with it before it was installed but he doesn’t have a problem with it either because of the way its shaped. I drove in just by chance, they were open.

They were really helpful, the service was quick, it was timely. I got my second one done by their certified installer. He just rung me up, sorted out a time, turned up, fitted it within an hour.

The thing that impresses me about Showerdome is that they’re really friendly because I was quite undecided until they convinced me, you know, without being pushy to purchase that product. Best thing I’ve ever done. I have to recommend Showerdome because it keeps your shower as a shower and that’s wet, like a wet room and keeps the rest of the entire bathroom dry. Having the Showerdome just, I probably don’t even need an extractor fan. You have to get a Showerdome!

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