Heat and Humidity and how to reduce it.

how can we reduce humidity in the bathroom

As Melbourne sweltered through its hottest November on record, it got me thinking about our northern neighbours in Qld and the NT.  My husband once floated the idea to move up north. I told him, “my hair wouldn’t survive the wet season!”.  While humidity levels were low in Melbourne over our recent bout of summer sunshine, the same can’t be said for the northern states.

Getting clothes dried, bedding, yourself, the list is endless on the problems caused by humidity.  How does paint react?  We all know what happens to a bathroom that has high moisture levels.  The internet is full of questions and pleas for help on how to get rid of/stop mould from growing in the bathroom and creeping into other rooms of the house. It’s the humidity!!  Get rid of the moisture and the problem is solved.

Lucky for us, we have a showerdome and these problems are things of the past.  Turn on the water, close the door and let the space warm up.  As recent advertising has proclaimed, “put a lid on steam in your shower”.

We love in our bathroom that the moisture is contained in the shower cubicle.  Can you imagine what the bathroom would look like after 6 showers?  The steamed mirror would be the least of our problems.  We would need fog sirens to make it out the door!

What I have found during this unprecedented seasonal heat, is not only has the moisture in the bathroom been eliminated, even with the steamy conditions, but my hot water bill has taken a positive hit.  Given the atmospheric temperature, with the cubicle warming up, I need to turn it down in the hot water department.

For our northern neighbours, as our recent weather patterns have dictated, humidity can be a tough problem to face.  We can start, however, by installing a Showerdome Shower top to keep the moisture down inside the house, which is going to be good for everyone.


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