Maintain your shower glass crystal clear

We attend home shows quite often and get asked all sorts of questions about home maintenance, especially about bathroom care. Things like how do I get my shower glass crystal clear as new?


Well, we have to start understanding that glass is a porous material. That means it has minute holes and imperfections on the surfaces.

This allows minerals and trace elements to combine with soap scum and body fats, which then form water stain marks that drive some people crazy. It would be an understatement to say these stains are difficult to remove.

There are now several products available that can remove those marks. But to avoid those difficult marks forming in the first place, there are a few options of glass protection liquid. Using nanotechnology, they effectively seal the minute holes and imperfections so the water easily rolls down the glass surface. If these products are applied correctly, it could be 3 to 10 years before you need to use them again.

There are two main professional products on the NZ market, Vitroglaze and Diamond Fusion, with application done by the company’s own trained team, and a third product EnduroShield Home which is DIY. This is sold as a DIY kit with pre-cleaner and glass surface treatment. It’s hard work – like polishing your car – but certainly is the least expensive option of the three.

Now the shower glass is crystal clear again, we suggest you ditch the soap you’ve been using and change to body wash as it tends to simply rinse off with no residual scum or fats. If you want to maintain this ‘new’ look for as long as possible, try blade wiping the glass shower surfaces each time you use the shower. It takes a couple of minutes but your shower glass will always look brilliant.

Showerdome shower tops on the other hand are made of high grade acrylic, which is NOT porous so there is no water marking whatsoever. They have a Lifetime Guarantee to stay crystal clear with almost no maintenance, apart from a little wipe with a microfibre cloth every now and then.

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