Stopping mould/mildew in the shower with a Showerdome

Thank you for joining us at Showerdome and no doubt you are here due to some issue with steam, condensation, mould or mildew in your bathroom.

For some of us, it is just a matter of having the mirror mist up after a warm shower, but for many, there are quite serious issues with rivers of water dripping down the walls.  This can lead not only to mould and mildew in the bathroom (and possibly other parts of the house) but also to damage to plasterboard and structural elements of the home.

Over the years it has been in production in New Zealand, the Showerdome Shower top has been installed on over 100,000 showers, eliminating these problems that can be a serious health issue for our families.  Taking care of this problem in the bathroom, can go a long way to reducing overall moisture in the home, but particularly in the bathroom.

Without the Showerdome Shower top, as the website shows, the cooler air in the bathroom, mixing with the warm water of the shower, steam.  It is all in the science and cannot be avoided,  unless you enjoy a cold shower!!  By installling the Showerdome Shower top, the simplicity of the product is, that there is no steam.  None in the bathroom, none inside the shower either.

Having used one now for several years, it works!!  No exhaust fan needed.

A recent installation in Metro Melbourne saw a lady in an apartment block, with considerable condensation on the bathroom walls.  Having had the bathroom painted 5 times in the last 2 years and most recently, 3 months, she was at her wits end, when the paint started to peel yet again, after only 3 months.  Since installing the Showerdome, nothing.  We will be following her with great interest and keep you posted as to how the Showerdome makes a difference to this lady’s home.

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